Star House Goods

Star House Goods is a collection of one of a kind, limited edition hard goods that are designed and manufactured by regional artists and manufactures. Star House Goods are unique, durable and limited.

We art emergent seeds re-membering to come again to gather and salvage the world. We are struck by the beauty of trees and wood. We are mesmerized by the way light moves in water and astounded by the forms of stones resting among others. We are nourished by material manifestations; they are a source of inspiration in the work that we make. The world is ALIVE and we are dedicated to creating artifacts in adoration of the material world. 

We work with steel, earth, wood, stone, and concrete. We love the weight of things. We love the patterns of age. We love rust and watermarks, the shrines of textures. We love the forms of machines and tools and things. Our process is about finding lost objects, and fixing them together in new ways that are beautiful and useful. We love giving new life to old things.