Vision Train

The Vision Train is an interactive art movement linking our visions into a self-manifesting destination, of the most inspiring future.

The Vision Train was originally conceptualized by artist Amanda Sage. She believes it is an open source project that everyone has access too. We each have our own unique way of describing it as well as our own personal gifts to build it.

The train brought us to the end of the western frontier, and it is time to go back on those tracks on a journey of healing, to re-member where we come from and who we are.‚Äč

1. Connect a global community rooted in creative expression and principles of interconnectivity.

2. Inspire planetary citizens to draw out their own vision and connect it to the Vision Train.

3. Ignite the creative potential of human being, to step up in service of future generations.

4. Revive and strengthen local cultures,
through entraining ourselves for real local collaboration.

5. Further a planetary civilization that we will be proud to pass on to future generations.
Contribute your Vision and get on board  as we build the longest and most colorful train in history!
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Vision Train Projects

The Vision Train Drawing Project

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The Non Stop Vision Train Global Art Jam

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Vision Train Station Design Jam

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